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Character: Malcolm Reynolds [ profile] bigdamn_hero
Canon: Firefly/Serenity
General: Mal's not doing much, but he's settled in a little more comfortably. He's in weird, nebulous territory with Inara, but Inara seems pretty nebulous to him at the moment so he's planning to make a move. Unification Day's got him down, and he's starting to realize just how broken he really other words, life as usual for a used up old Browncoat. ;p
Needs Threads With: NINJA TURTLES! His encounter with Mikey broke his brain and that was fun. Canon-mates, he really likes River and he doesn't talk to the rest of the gang nearly enough. Kids of any sort, he's a fun curmudgeon...and Captain Kirk. Srsly. They should be drinking buddies....why am I doing this instead of tagging again? ;P

Character: Richard Castle [ profile] always_a_story
General: Castle's really enjoying life at the moment. He's living with his girl, he has his daughter, and he's REALLY proud of himself for not flipping out at the fact that Alexis has a serious steady. He's enjoying roller derby coaching, might want something else to occupy his time, too...after all, idle Castle hands mean look the hell out. ;p And please, world, distract him from the fact he thinks he can ask Kate to marry him. IMPUSLE CONTROL, CASTLE.
Needs Threads With: Kate, Wee Castle, POKER NIGHT, he's thinking Mondays? Angela Shaw, his inner daddy wants to look after her. :P And anyone else who wants to stop him from generally raising Cain around the village.

Character: Alva Keel [ profile] alva_keel
General: Alva's kind of quiet at the moment. Running SQ, exploring, chatted briefly with The Doctor once. He needs something to kickstart him.
Needs Threads With: Alexis Castle, and anyone. Everyone. The weirder the better. Give the boy something to poke with a stick. :P

Character: Rob Kessler [ profile] thegolden_boy
Canon: Dark Visions trilogy
General: Rob's doing much better than he was when he arrived. He finally figured out girls, he's dating Alexis Castle, HER DAD KNOWS ABOUT IT, XD, and now he's trying to advance his relationship without coming off as a horny teenager. Which he is...but he's also Southern and sweet and Rob, so he's trying to be uber-discreet about it. Valentine's Day was awesome (even though the thread's not done yet, >.> *baps conventions and RL), and when her dad finally starts Poker Night...yeah, Mondays will be AWESOME. ;p
Needs Threads With: Alexis, other teenagers...anyone working at the clinic? Rob hopes to maybe intern there or something, his healing powers would come in quite handy.

Character: Prince Dastan [ profile] a_nobleprince
Canon: Prine of Persia: Sands of Time
General: Dastan is a pretty fresh arrival and has been otherwise quiet. He's fascinated by the modern aspects of the village, and asked Tamina to be his valentine. AWWW!
Needs Threads With: Tamina and anyone AWESOME. Srsly, boy likes to party and he's sociable.

Character: Bo [ profile] pupjournal
Canon: Lost Girl
General: Bo's also a relatively new arrival, and although she now has a job working for BFF Kenzi at In & Out, she hasn't done much. She's intrigued by Bast, whom she met on her first day, and she's a hungry girl. She needs to get laid...literally, before she kills someone. ;p
Needs Threads With: KENZI, anyone else she can sleep with. Bo isn't looking for romance, not really, but she DEFINITELY needs to find a source of food. Maybe a visit to Aprhodite's temple? Any other supernatural creatures, Bo can always learn more about being not human.

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There comes a time in every man's life when he has to stand up for what he believes in, when he has to set his pride aside and step up to make a difference in the world and in his life. It's a breaking point, a defining second when he knows he's better than his lot, and reaches out for a piece of that which he is, by rights, entitled to.

For Captain Malcolm Reynolds, that moment came during a four AM fit of insomnia, passing by Rick Castle's door and hearing the soft sound of moans coming from behind it.

It made his blood boil and his temper rise, not just at Inara and her stubborn, stupid, stubborn gorramn refusal to cut anyone, least of all herself, a little slack, but at himself for dancing around her this long. Believing in something...sure, he believed in them. Plenty. He was just too big a piece of space trash to do something about it.

Some passing thought about what a whore Castle was made him think of it, actually let him sleep when he returned to his room. Alone.

So the next morning, bright and early, before she had a chance to run and hide in her ruttin' space at the temple, Mal was knocking at her door until she opened it for him.

"Way I see it," he began, scared to death but angry enough to keep himself put, "you got two choices, this second, right here and now. One? You sleep with me, free of charge. If you feel nothin'? I will never darken your door again. You 'n me, we'll go on, and I'll not pester you 'bout this nonsense of you 'n me together ever again."

One hand darted out to catch her wrist, hauling her hard against his body right there in her doorway. Before she could react, he had an arm around her waist and a hand at her cheek, tipping her head up to him.

"Two? You tell me no, and I kiss you, right here, right now, 'till you faint. And can't you or any power in the 'verse stop me." he growled. "So you got 'till I'm shuttin' you up to agree or give me a good gorram reason...a good gorram reason...why I shouldn't do exactly what I've said I will."

And fair man that he was, he gave her a second, one moment of stillness and silence in the vice of his arms before he started leaning down to steal his kiss...and her reason.


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